OliviosKaraolides (Full Album)

Olivios Karaolides' piano & instrumental album presenting his instrumental music.

1Le Souffle Mesuré 2Measured Breath 3Equus 4Eulogy 5Montréal 6La Trahison

trumpet: Christos Meitanis, voice: Irene Antoniou, clarinet: George Georgiou

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Socrates and his Clouds (Full Album)

A new play by award-winning William Lyons, inspired by Aristophanes...See more

1Full o' Doubts an' Debts 2'Ologies and 'Ometries 3The Poor Old Feller 4He's a Fiery Old Brand 5Athens

violin: Nikos Pittas, cello: Peter Gospodinov, clarinet: George Georgiou, xylophone: Marios Nikolaou, piano: Olivios Karaolides

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Award of Merit at the Global Music Awards. Composed for the 2012 Fringe Festival of Montreal, Canada. You can find it in OliviosKaraolides (Full Album)...See more

La Trahison

Award of Excellence at the Global Music Awards. Inspired by the poem Βαρέθηκα τους φίλους να με πνίγουν by Priamos. You can find it in OliviosKaraolides (Full Album).


Inspired by the homonymous play by Peter Shaffer. You can find it in OliviosKaraolides (Full Album).

Measured Breath

music/piano: Olivios Karaolides, voice: Irene Antoniou, trumpet: Christos Meitanis

You can find it on OliviosKaraolides (Full Album).